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Arj Thiruchelvam

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"I lost 5.5kgs and thought I only had 2kg to lose, all whilst eating cake!"

What is 4 Weeks 4 Kilos?

4 Weeks 4 Kilos is an online group programme to help you lose weight, eating the foods you enjoy and without having to hit the gym, with expert advice and guidance from Arj.

What happens during 4 Weeks 4 Kilos?

"I feel so much better physically and mentally. I cannot recommend it enough!"

On average our group members have lost 5.1kg & 10cm in just 4 weeks!

4 Weeks 4 Kilos is successful because we teach you how weight loss happens. 


No more hidden rules.


No more confusing myths.


Just clear, simple, guidance and scientifically driven results.


You’ll develop new habits and eating behaviours to succeed.

"No complicated rules, just learning about how food and exercise works- yes, you will learn how to lose weight and have your cake and eat it!"

It's a gamechanger!

✅ NO food groups are removed
✅ You can still eat chocolate & cake over the next 30 days
✅ Drink alcohol
⛔ No need to follow a formal exercise plan
⛔No need to spend hours learning or training each day
✅  Build confidence and feel better in your clothes
✅  Work in a small group to develop accountability

The Weekly Calorie Deficit

Fat loss isn’t limited to 24 hours, but rather what you can achieve across a week.

Daily calorie deficits are restrictive.

They don’t allow you to go to the pub, have a meal with family or give you room for ‘mistakes’.

The weekly calorie deficit gives you the freedom to enjoy life whilst losing weight. Find out your Weekly Calories using this calculator HERE.

Trusted by Olympic athletes, Universities and household names.


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