Nutrition Programming

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Need help with your nutrition but not sure where to begin?

We can help.

Fact vs Fiction

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and not sure what’s fact and what’s fiction? Let us take care of your nutrition for you.

We cover it all:

  • Sports Performance
  • Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Building

Whether you need a one-off consultation, a fixed-term programme or regular support just to make you feel more accountable, we have the options to support you in your mission.

Why choose Performance Physique?

We have been in the industry for 14 years, have not only worked as a personal trainer or coach but worked in corporate roles and elite sports positions, lectured at the university level and also worked at the world’s leading nutrition consultancy Mac-Nutrition / MNU. To put it bluntly, we know our stuff and don’t want you to be misled by others.

During the year, we even do biomechanics sessions, where your running gain is analysed, this is normally charged at £120.00, which is the equivalent to 5 months membership!

Sessions are based on a Level 1 Floodlit Athletics Track with facilities on-site to ensure you are in a safe environment at all times.

Nutritional Seminars

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Does your workplace, sports club or training group require an insight into nutrition and healthy eating?


We can offer a variety of seminars that will target several topics including healthy eating, eating for sports performance and how to maximise your daily productivity in the school or office by eating the right things.’


Our seminars can vary in length depending on your needs, can be highly interactive and can even be paired with training sessions and newsletters to form a fuller package for your team.


Just click the, ‘Enquiry Form’ button to get started.

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