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All of our programmes include:

  • Personalised paces and runs
  • Strength & Conditioning workout’s to reduce injury and improve speed
  • Race Day Nutrition
  • Weekly Check-In’s for support and accountability

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Step 1: Consultation

First, book your FREE consultation to discuss your goals and challenges, this will help us to understand your needs. This 15 minute chat will shape your running programme. Whether you’re looking for a half-marathon training schedule, a running program for beginners or you’re an elite athlete, we’ll work out the solution for you.

step 2: personalized programme

We’ll develop a personalised training programme to get you to your goals! Your running sessions, your strength workouts, your mobility and running drills, even your race day nutrition! It’s all tailored to your current ability and individual needs.

Your programme is beamed to your Smartphone and your Smart Watch*, I’ll coach you directly through your watch, telling you how fast to run, when you need to slow down and even when it’s time to rest!

step 3: Weekly Check-Ins

We’ll have weekly check-ins to review your performance. What needs to change, what you’re enjoying and how it looks working towards your next race! Every month we’ll have a call as well to discuss everything in a safe space.

We help novices to seasoned runners succeed!

Have you just started to run? We'll help you!

✅We'll build your training programme
✅Keep you accountable
✅Give you structure and organise what you should do
✅Coach you through to tough and the good
✅Guide your nutrition*
✅Build your psychology*
✅And support you every 'step' of the way, sorry for the pun!*

Booked a race?

Have you booked your first or maybe your fortieth race? Stop aimlessly going out for a run!
You need:
✅Personalised Paces and distances
✅An organised and structured programme
✅Strength & Mobility sessions to get stronger and become bulletproof
✅Nutrition Coaching* &✅ Race-Week Sports Nutrition
Race Psychology*, you won't hit the wall! ✅On-going support and expert advice

Runner completing the marathon

Expert Runners

We've worked right with Sub-elites, academies and even Olympians! ✅Our coaching methods combined with our understanding of physiological, nutritional science and coaching science is an unparalleled coaching service. ✅We know HOW and DO get results. ✅From the track to the ultra's we will programme and COACH you through a dynamic process to keep improving. ✅You've invested in your Garmin, your trainers, now the magic step is us as a COACH.

You need more than a PDF plan. All of our programmes come with coaching!.


A fully personalised coaching programme, is developed around your goals, your current paces and built using our scientific models to achieve faster and faster times. These are the exact same methods elite athlete’s use to succeed. This means no wasted training time!


The key to running further ISN’T about running slightly longer each run. Personalised training sessions aim to develop your aerobic fitness and improve your anaerobic ceiling. This way, not only will your body handle the more miles you want to travel but you’ll be a faster and more efficient runner too!


The most common reason to give up running is injury and it’s usually due to following a generic programme. A personalised approach ensures a training programme built on phases and incorporates strength and conditioning to bulletproof your body, help you return from injury and even prevent future injuries!


Running is a great way to get fit and can be part of a weight-loss programme. There’s a lot to ensure you don’t become reliant on exercise to maintain your weight, personalised programmes build everything to help you achieve that, from exercise to nutrition, to mindset and flexible eating strategies that will lead to long-lasting change!


Running gives us time to think, time to escape, to focus on breathing and the natural environment rather than the screens we look at all day. Personalised coaching can support your well-being by providing running coaching complimented by exercise, breathing and mindset strategies to succeed in your week. We do the planning, so you don’t have to do any thinking.


£197 / month
  • Initial Consultation
  • Personalised Coaching & Running Paces
  • Strength and Conditioning workouts to build running strength and prevent injury
  • Daily App Support, Accountability and Expert Advice
  • Race Nutrition and Hydration Strategy
  • Nutrition Coaching, Calories & Macros
  • Race and Training Sports Psychology
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Monthly Consultation Call


£497 / month
  • Initial Consultation
  • Personalised Coaching & Running Paces
  • Strength and Conditioning workouts to build running strength and prevent injury
  • Daily App Support, Accountability and Expert Advice
  • Race Nutrition and Hydration Strategy
  • Nutrition Coaching, Calories & Macros
  • Race and Training Sports Psychology
  • Weekly Consultation Call
  • 4 in-person Training Sessions per month

Don't settle for second best, it'll only take longer and cost you more.

Time and time again I hear it. I wish I invested in a coach sooner, think how far I’d have come by now. I’ve even had one person say, I wish I’d found you first rather than wasting my money elsewhere.

Having an expert coach provides you with so much that a ‘cookie cutter’ programme can’t.

My athlete’s say it takes the headache of planning runs, away from them and gives them confidence in knowing there is a process leading towards the next race.

My client’s say it gives them confidence to know someone is there to guide them, to listen to them when they need help and provide them with the right training that their body needs but fits around their work and home life!


We write running training plan’s for all distances, races and abilities.


To get you started we can write a beginner’s running plan or maybe you need something more specific like a half marathon training plan or a marathon training program. 


These two distances are without a doubt the most popular event’s we coach and usually along the way, we’ll help you achieve some personal bests along the shorter distances like the 5k and 10k races.

Online running coaching is all about finding a running program to suit YOU!
Through the use of our consultation, I will develop the most effective way for you to achieve your goal, within the limitations of your lifestyle and job, it’s about flexibility, so let’s make it work!


Trusted by Olympic athletes, Universities and newbies.



Performance Physique Trustpilot

"At the age of 34, Arj has helped me break every Personal Best from my Uni Running Days from 1500m to the Marathon! This year I'm doing the London Marathon!"

Danny M

Online Running Client | Sub 2:46 Marathoner

"Arj is so knowledgable in his field, he’s an incredible coach and motivator for any goal. I will always recommend him as he really does have the persons best interest at heart and always pushes people to get the best results not just in running but in every element of their lifestyle, whether it’s diet, sleep, recovery or hydration."

Rach H.

Premium Online & In-person Client

"Within 6 months of working with Arj at performance physique I qualified for both British and English nationals, medalling in the 800metre freestyle. Along side this I achieved best times across all my events.

Arj is driven, dedicated and passionate about seeing his clients succeed. He goes above and beyond anything I could have expected from a coach. Willing to put him self out and always on hand to offer his expertise. No problem is too small, even if he doesn’t know the answer Arj will happily do the research  to find out.

Everything Arj does is focused and tailored to get the most out of each individual. "

Aidan M.

National Swimmer

"If you are looking at improving your running technique, general fitness or losing a few pounds I would recommend Arj. He has a true passion for Fitness & Nutrition, is very approachable, tailoring the plans to meet your needs and knows how to encourage and motive you to meet your goals. "

Emma V.

Online Coaching Client


Want to try your luck and give me a call now? Go for it, it’s +447360 272 109