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Performance Physique, where science creates athletes and people create community.

Founder - Arj Thiruchelvam

Fun and structured

 Trackside Athletics Academy is a fun, safe and effective way to get children into running, jumping, throwing and athletics.

Fun and friendly coaching in an engaging environment where you can build both physical literacy and social skills that will support children in life.

Junior athlete’s will learn a variety of athletics events whilst getting fit and healthy in a fun and structured athletics program run by UK Athletics Coaches Arj Thiruchelvam, James Phipps and Simon Eustace MSc.

Throughout the term, we will cover all of the various athletics disciplines including, sprints, jumps, throws and endurance as well as weekly technical drills sessions and a cool down.

Trackside Athletics Academy will help your junior athlete in EVERY sport. We’ve regularly trained academy footballers, cricketers, netballers and more to improve their running technique, speed, endurance and agility. 

Athletics is the fundamentals of movement and we know we can help your children become healthier, stronger and happier!

Over the last 17 years, we’ve coached 1000’s of children, supported their development and contributed the largest percentage to local athletics clubs.

What happens after?

Following on from Trackside Athletics Academy we encourage our graduates to join the the Teen Speed & Running Group, where we will train like real athlete’s, using technology and the latest equipment to develop effective, economic running technique and develop explosive speed, sprinting and acceleration to make teenagers faster.

Whether or not they are a track athlete, every land-based sport will benefit from speed training and improved running technique. In addition to this, some of our sessions will also include endurance performance from repeated sprint efforts.

At Performance Physique, we LOVE building communities and effective training environments. This is a close-knit group with the main goal of developing performances with a positive culture and promoting teenagers into sport rather than on the street.

Once they hit 18 years they can join our Adults Running Club, Friday Night Track Club, all from our base in Solihull on the Athletics Track at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre.


Academic Terms 4:30 – 5:30pm

Tuesday’s 6- 9.5 Years
Wednesday’s 9.5 – 13 Years

Please note, places are not secured until payment has been received.

Athletics Track @ Tudor Grange Leisure Centre, Solihull

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