Teen Speed and Running Group

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Expert Coaching, Elite level Technology & Building Community

The Teen Speed and Running Group is based in Solihull at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre.

This session is open to teens from all sports, who would like to become better and faster runners.

Those who play in team sports, will learn skills and how to be a faster runner to make them a threat on the pitch.
Whilst, we develop an enjoyable, hard-working environment, we train on a Friday evening to ensure teens have something effective and appropriate to work on.

Become faster

Following on from Trackside Athletics Academy and acting as a prior session to Friday Night Track Club (adults training).

The Teen Speed & Running Group is here to develop:

– effective, economic running technique

– explosive speed

– sprinting and acceleration

– agility and strength


Whether or not they are a track athlete, every land-based sport will benefit from speed training and improved running technique. In addition to this, some of our sessions will also include endurance performance from repeated sprint efforts.


We are proud to have athlete’s train with us from local athletics clubs like Solihull & Small Heath Athletics Club, local rugby clubs, cricket, hockey and academy football. All of whom are keen to gain an advantage over their peers.


Our group regularly get to use technology, video analysis and extra equipment, the same used in the Premier League, Premiership rugby and with many of my private athletes.


This access to elite level facilities helps us build better and stronger athlete’s with exposure to what may lie ahead of them.


At Performance Physique, we LOVE building communities and effective training environments. This is a close-knit group with the main goal of developing performances with a positive culture and promoting teenagers into sport rather than on the street.


We truly believe this is the best training group for teenagers in Solihull and further afield.


Friday’s* 6-7pm


Athletics Track @ Tudor Grange Leisure Centre


£11.40 Pay as you Go

£32.50/Month Membership

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