Performance Coaching

No matter your sport we can help you perform to your best. With a background in elite sport we have worked with a variety of sports including, international athletics, rugby, swimming and GB water polo.

performance coaching

Our sessions are sport-specific and we build a coaching programme from your sport’s characteristics, building on your strengths and improving any weaknesses to improve performance.

Sessions can typically include:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Sprint / Speed & Reaction Training
  • Plyometric Jump Training
  • Movement patterns
  • Agility, mobility and proprioception development
  • Energy System Training

These sessions are available on a One Two One basis or in groups/teams. Contact us today to improve your sports performance.

Performance Tests

Performance Tests are critical to every athlete and team, at Performance Physique we have a selection of tests geared towards understanding your physical capabilities and how these translate into your sports performance.


  • Create a baseline to work against, in the future
  • Understand your physical strengths and weaknesses
  • Tailor your training around your physical capablities
  • Create fresh and relevant targets

These sessions are available to sports clubs, teams, competitive workplaces and for the average gym goer who wants a little more.

Contact us today and see how you compare to the pros.


Tudor Grange Leisure Centre, #Athletics Track, Solihull, B91 1NB

Achieve your performance and fitness goals with our Head Coach, Arj. During the current Covid-19 Pandemic all sessions are delivered virtually via FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom. Block booking and monthly membership discounts are available.


Bookings close 3 hours before the session starts.
All cancellation requests are at the discretion of management, cancellations by the client within 24 hours may be subject to the session fee.
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