Online Coaching

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Fees start from £197.00/month, minimum 3 months.

Whether you want to gradually get more active or enhance your already demanding training schedule, Arj and the team will utilise the latest technology and science to create the right programme for your needs.

Gym & Training from Home

Receive personalised workouts directly to your phone via Performance Physique’s Gym Training App. Clear instructions & videos will show you how to perform the exercises, reps and sets designed to suit your needs. Your habits, steps and nutrition can also be tracked plus you’ll receive weekly check-ins for accountability and expert advice.


Performance Physique’s Running Coaching App can send bespoke training sessions directly to a Garmin Running watch and your smartphone. Your personalised programme is tailored to your running goal or race and you’ll know when you’re at the right pace or when you need to run faster or slower, along with other details set by your coach.


Whichever route you take, your exercise data is automatically recorded and streamed ahead of your weekly check-in calls with Arj.

£197.00£497.00 / month

freedom to train when YOU want

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Achieve your personal best

In 2019 every single one of our clients and athletes achieved at least one Personal Best, that’s right every single person improved notably from the start of their journey with us. We know exactly how to get people running faster, further, get fitter, stronger, leaner and most importantly, improve their confidence.

Why choose Performance Physique?

We have been in the industry for 14 years, have not only worked as a personal trainer or coach but worked in corporate roles and elite sports positions, lectured at the university level and also worked at the world’s leading nutrition consultancy Mac-Nutrition / MNU. To put it bluntly, we know our stuff and don’t want you to be misled by others.

How Does Online Coaching Work?

Following your initial consultation, we develop a training programme, tailored specifically to your goals. We work backwards from your target then do the science bit to calculate what you need to do to get there.


  • Everything is communicated using one of our two smart apps (depending on your goal) and if you’re a runner, this can even be sent directly to your Garmin
  • Every week we have a check-in via e-mail, voice or video call.
  • We discuss your progress, your enjoyment, motivation and how to make things even better.
  • This usually involves discussing the successes achieved that week!
  • Your performance is automatically logged, so you don’t have to do anything hard…other than train!
  • Train when you like but follow a scientifically grounded approach, we haven’t had a single client fail with our programmes.

Why work with Performance Physique

We have over 15 years of expertise in the health, fitness and sports sector, working with both novices through to elite athletes, not only that but we’ve worked with some of the biggest corporations and even spent several years lecturing at university level in Sports Science. To put it simply, we know how to get the best results out of our clients by combining our extensive scientific knowledge with our applied coaching experience.

Online coaching includes

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  • Initial Goals Consultation (RRP £30)
  • Personalised Training Sessions sent directly to an APP or Garmin*
  • Weekly Check-Ins for progress
  • Running, Strength & Conditioning & Mobility Training Programme
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