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Welcome to Performance Physique, a vibrant community where running is a way of life. At the heart of this enthusiasm we are known for our expert coaching and diverse training programmes. Here, we offer specialised training groups for all ages, including the Trackside Athletics Academy for 6-13 years, the Teen Speed & Running Group for 13-18 years, and the Friday Night Track Club for adults. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner, Performance Physique is the place where everyone can achieve their personal best.

Why Choose Solihull for Athletics Training?
Solihull has a great history in running with many athletes and Olympians being nurtured over the years at our facility. We’re proud to have supported some of these athletes and shared the track with many others over the years and since 2005 we’ve provided coaching to over 2000 people, including attendees of Trackside Athletics Academy, Teen Speed & Running Club and our prestigious Friday Night Track Club.

Expert Coaching for Aspiring Solihull Athletes

Our coaching team at Performance Physique is dedicated to nurturing talent at all levels. From the young participants in our Trackside Athletics Academy to the teens in our Teen Speed & Running Group and the adults in Friday Night Track Club, we provide personalised training to help every athlete reach their potential. Our coaches include Arj Thiruchelvam who was nominated for Coach of the Year ( and other former international athletes. Our success stories range from young regional athlete’s who have competed in athletics and in other sports as well as adults achieving personal bests in marathons around the world including the famous Abbott Majors.

Children’s Athletics in Solihull: Building Future Champions

Our Trackside Athletics Academy for 6-13 year olds introduces young athletes to the joys of running and athletics in a fun, safe environment that has been operating for over 18 years. We focus on developing fundamental athletic skills, emphasising safety and enjoyment to ensure a positive and nurturing experience for every child. The programme is specifically designed to cater to various age groups within this range, providing an ideal foundation for athletic development and a lifelong love for sports not to mention developing social skills and confidence. Our sessions include running technique drills, different diciplines including the sprints, throws, jumps and endurance plus a cool-down.

Teen Speed & Running Group: Empowering Solihull’s Youth

The Teen Speed & Running Group, tailored for 13-18 year-olds, bridges the gap between childhood enthusiasm and adult proficiency in athletics. This programme offers a more focused approach, perfect for teenagers eager to refine their skills and compete at higher levels. We emphasisee advanced training techniques, endurance building, and competitive strategy, all while maintaining a supportive and motivational environment. This group is an excellent platform for teens to challenge themselves, set new personal records, and prepare for competitive athletics, whether at regional, national, or even international levels. Plus a large number of our members are actually competitive team sports players in football and rugby academies, looking to gain an advantage over their peers for selection. We regularly use elite level sport technology to analyse and baseline our athletes.

Adult Running Clubs in Solihull: Fitness and Fun Combined

Our Friday Night Track Club is a cornerstone of the adult running community in Solihull. It combines rigorous training with a fun and social atmosphere, making it ideal for adult runners of all skill levels. From beginners to seasoned marathoners, members find both the challenge and support they need to achieve their fitness and running goals. The club not only focuses on improving running performance but also fosters a strong sense of community among members, making it a unique and rewarding experience. We use a variety of different coaching techniques to develop our runners who need a little more than a guided run to improve. Plus we have regular social events to keep developing that community feeling!

Joining Performance Physique: Your Path to Athletic Excellence

Joining Performance Physique, including our specialised groups like the Trackside Athletics Academy, Teen Speed & Running Group, or the Friday Night Track Club, is straightforward. We welcome athletes of all ages and levels to our Solihull athletics community. Visit our website or contact us for detailed information on each programme, membership options, and how to become part of our thriving athletic family plus the option to work with our Coaches and Trainers privately and online!

In summary, Performance Physique is not just a running club; it’s a hub of athletic excellence in Solihull. With our expert coaching, specialized training groups, and a supportive community, we are dedicated to helping athletes of all ages achieve their goals. Whether you are starting your athletic journey, looking to compete, or seeking a healthy and active lifestyle, Performance Physique is the perfect place for you. Join us and be part of Solihull’s premier athletic community.

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