Personal Training

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Personal Training

Personal Training can help you to realise your potential and reach your goals, a personal trainer should never just be a gym partner, instead they should offer professional guidance with a training style to suit you, lifestyle advice and nutritional strategies to ensure you have all the tools and support to succeed! All of our sessions are available at your home, local park, at a gym or on the track.

Online Coaching

Whether you want to gradually get more active or enhance your already demanding training schedule, Arj and the team will utilise the latest technology and science to create the right programme for your needs.


Receive personalised workouts directly to your phone via Performance Physique’s Gym Training App. Clear instructions & videos will show you how to perform the exercises, reps and sets de-signed to suit your needs. Your habits, steps and nutrition can also be tracked.


Performance Physique’s Running Coaching App can send bespoke training sessions directly to a Garmin Running watch. Your personalised programme means you’ll know when you’re at the right pace or when you need to run faster or slower, along with other details set by your coach.



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