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Are you an aspiring professional athlete looking to take your performance to the next level?

Are you serious about getting a pro deal in your sport? Then you need Performance Physique.

Look no further, I have helped numerous elite athletes achieve their goals and reach the pinnacle of their sports performance.


Arj Coaching

Help your child seal their Academy place!

We know how to train athletes for success.

Our clients include Academy Footballers and Premiership Academy Rugby Players, County Cricketers, National Swimmers and Team GB Olympians.

Our training philosophy is data-driven with a focus on scientific solutions coupled with an understanding of the athlete and their personal needs.


Arj Drills

What we do

Our expertise is on developing the right training programme to help you achieve your goal: 

  • Increase running speed

    We help players sprint faster, adding 2+ mph and making them one of the fastest players on the team

  • Improve power

    We improve our athlete's force and jump ability by adding 10cm to their vertical leap

  • Improve running technique

    We use biomechanics to fix poor technique and quickly improve running form

  • Improve agility

    We help players learn to change direction at faster speeds

  • Improve aerobic fitness

    Fitter players, recover faster and can sprint more often, we help players become the engine of their team

  • Develop stronger and more resilient athletes

    We build athletes both physically and mentally to perform in training and on game day

Arj Cold Coaching

Athlete Success!

We’ve supported our athletes to numerous personal bests and career achievements including:

Output Sports, Statsports, Freelap

Assess Don’t Guess

We use elite technology, the same you’ll see the pro’s using


We have a range of in-person and online coaching solutions available to both novices and elites of any age. If you’re prepared to put the consistent hard work in place to succeed then Contact us today.


If you know what you need, then just choose from our services below.


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