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Online running Coaching

Become a Better Runner! Working directly with Coach Arj Thiruchelvam, the Performance Physique Online Coaching experience brings a new level of professionalism and technology. Our running app will send your bespoke training sessions directly to a Garmin Running watch and your smartphone. Your personalised programme is tailored to your running goal or race and you’ll know when you’re at the right pace or when you need to run faster or slower, along with other details set by your coach due to our amazing technology! It's like having a coach on your wrist. Your running data can then be analysed for fully personalised training programmes and discussed in your monthly consultation. CHOOSE YOUR TIER BELOW

£197.00£497.00 / month

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

Personalised nutrition strategy devised into a clear monthly programme to enable you to reach your target. Nutrition and performance sport recommendations via regular check-ins, email and Facebook Support Group. We monitor and track your progress, adjusting your programme to all your lifestyle needs.

£147.00 / month

Gym & Training

Reach your potential Get fitter, healthier and happier! Receive personalised workouts directly to your phone via Performance Physique’s Gym Training App. Tailored to your goal, whether that's weight loss, to build muscle or a performance goal. Clear instructions & videos will show you how to perform the exercises, with reps and sets designed to suit your needs. You will build, habits for life, monitor your steps and learn how to manage your nutrition without restriction! Plus we'll keep you on track with weekly check-ins for accountability and expert advice and monthly video consultations!

£200.00£497.00 / month

Performance Coaching Periodisation

Designing a dynamic and adaptable framework to account for an elite athlete’s current performance, goals and milestones. Expert analysis on areas for improvement and structuring the physiological periodisation accordingly via Excel, programming, nutrition support and check-in calls to maintain performance throughout the season and off-season.

£190.00 / month for 6 months

Premium Coaching Service

Fully supportive and comprehensive hybrid coaching including both online and in-person sessions, to help you maximise your potential and smash your goals. Finely tuned training methods underpinned by the latest scientific research:   Consultation calls Regular 1-2-1 virtual and in-person sessions Nutrition guidance Running and strength & conditioning programmes Mobility support

£307.00 / month for 3 months

Performance Physique Hub

Monthly accountability group on Facebook with access to Expert Advice, video lectures and resources to help you achieve your personal health, fitness and diet goals with the support of a friendly community.

£20.00 / month

Friday Night Track

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£32.50 / month

Teen Speed Group

The 13+ Speed and Running Group is our latest addition to our running coaching services and it’s an area we are really keen to develop. Following on from Trackside Athletics Academy and acting as a prior session to Friday Night Track Club, the 13+ Speed & Running Group, is here to develop effective, economic running technique and develop explosive speed, sprinting and acceleration to make teenagers faster. Whether or not they are a track athlete, every land-based sport will benefit from speed training and improved running technique. In addition to this, some of our sessions will also include endurance performance from repeated sprint efforts. At Performance Physique, we LOVE building communities and effective training environments. This is a close-knit group with the main goal of developing performances with a positive culture and promoting teenagers into sport rather than on the street.

£32.50 / month