£197.00£497.00 / month

Online Coaching

Fees start from £147.50/month, minimum 3 months.
Whether you want to gradually get more active or enhance your already demanding training schedule, Arj and the team will utilise the latest technology and science to create the right programme for your needs.

Gym & Training from Home

Receive personalised workouts directly to your phone via Performance Physique’s Gym Training App. Clear instructions & videos will show you how to perform the exercises, reps and sets designed to suit your needs. Your habits, steps and nutrition can also be tracked plus you’ll receive weekly check-ins for accountability and expert advice.


Performance Physique’s Running Coaching App can send bespoke training sessions directly to a Garmin Running watch and your smartphone. Your personalised programme is tailored to your running goal or race and you’ll know when you’re at the right pace or when you need to run faster or slower, along with other details set by your coach.


Whichever route you take, your exercise data is automatically recorded and streamed ahead of your weekly check-in calls with Arj.

Nutrition Consultations

Having worked with and provided training for world leading nutrition experts, Martin MacDonald at Mac-Nutrition, GNC and Holland & Barrett, Arj is best placed to provide tailored, evidence-based guidance utilising his own experience and recent industry developments.

An intial 30 minute consultation to determine how we can best support you is £45.00

Personalised nutrition strategy


dietary methods and supplement recommendations with a feedback report. We can give you all the advice you need in a single, one-off appointment! Follow up consultation’s are available to provide updated guidance and tailoring for new personal goals – £60.00.

Ongoing nutrition coaching

£147.50/month, minimum 3 months

Personalised nutrition strategy devised into a clear monthly programme to enable you to reach your target. Nutrition and performance sport recommendations via regular check-ins, email and Facebook Support Group. We monitor and track your progress, adjusting your programme to all your lifestyle needs.

Skinfold caliper testing (social distancing guidelines permitting)

£45.00 or £35.00 with ongoing nutrition coaching

In-person service to track and monitor changes in body composition using 8-Site method following the well-established MNU principles.

Bespoke Training Methods

One off session is £53.00

Expert coaching designed for you and delivered from a safe social distance or via FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom. Simplified technical feedback on performance and progress, underpinned by the latest scientific research.

Performance Coaching Periodisation

£187/month, minimum 6 months

Designing a dynamic and adaptable framework to account for an elite athlete’s current performance, goals and milestones. Expert analysis on areas for improvement and structuring the physiological periodisation accordingly via Excel, programming, nutrition support and check-in calls to maintain performance throughout the season and off-season.

Premium Coaching Service

Fully supportive and comprehensive coaching both online and in person to help you maximise your potential and smash your goals. Finely tuned training methods underpinned by the latest scientific research:


  • consultation calls
  • regular 1-2-1 virtual and in person sessions
  • nutrition guidance
  • running and strength & conditioning programmes
  • mobility support

Biomechanics Analysis

One-off £125.00 fee

We determine a performance profile and design a battery of tests suited to your specific area of expertise and we use observations, images and video to identify any need for change. You’ll receive immediate verbal feedback followed up with a detailed report and recommendations, empowering you to improve your training regime.

Additional Services


Performance Coaching – Sprints, Running, Strength & Conditioning

Performance Physique Hub – Online weight loss group

Zoom Fitness Classes – Weekly classes from the comfort of your home

Friday Night Track Club – running coaching to improve technique, speed & endurance

Youth support

Trackside Athletics Academy – An introduction to athletics & training
Teen Speed Group – 13+ group for speed and running
Performance Coaching – Sprints, Running, Strength & Conditioning


Running Vests
Performance T-Shirts
ReceClip Kits
Trigger Point Massage Ball
Premium Beanies